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Basketball system Techno Match II

Basketball system mod. TECHNO MATCH with telescopic arm.

Structure: base realised in 200x100 mm. painted steel tubes. Back uprights 60x60 mm. in painted steel and 200x100 mm. front uprights. Horizontal telescopic arm composed of 2 painted steel profiles 100x60 mm.; each one with double reinforcing tie rod 40x40 mm. in painted steel. One couple of upper tie rods 40x40 mm. in painted steel.

Backboard frame: in painted steel, provided with a millimetric system of regulation in height and perpendicularity; complete of plate for basket anchoring.

Handling operations: this system can be easily moved by means of two rollers 85 dia.x100 in polyurethane mounted in the back part of the base and two wheels on revolving supports in elastic rubber mounted in the front part of the base, which automatically lower down when the system is going to be closed.

Retractable operations: telescopic operations which allow the system to be positioned automatically at the most suitable height for basketball and mini-basketball without any further regulations on the backboard.
Retractable operations carried out, on customer’s request, in two ways:
- Manually, through a pneumatic manual pump;
- Power-operated, through a pneumatic piston complete of a motor HP 1.
Extension: our basketball system has an arm extension of 340 cm. completely open.
Painting: with white epoxy powders.
Protections: padded protection for the front, side part of the base and underarm realised in expanded polyurethane and covered in washable synthetic blue leather of 10 cm. of thickness.
Glass backboards: n° 3 tempered crystal backboards; each one composed of no. 2 crystal panels matched together of 8+6 mm. Their special shape allows to anchor the basket directly onto the supporting plate of the backboard frame. System patented by Bertelè. HOMOLOGATED BY THE BASKETBALL LEAGUE SERIES A.
Dimensions: 180x105 cm., provided with special bushing in nylon to avoid any direct contact of the fixing screws to the backboard.
Baskets: supplied with no. 3 reclining baskets for high level competitions, regulated by means of special calibrated springs. HOMOLOGATED BY THE BASKETBALL LEAGUE SERIES A, complete of net in nylon.
Protections under the backboards: realised in blue closed-cell expanded rubber.
Ballast: in iron included in the price.
Electric line: our offer includes the positioning of the cable with all related sockets and pins 220V and data cable for the 24” equipments branded Bertelè Electronics mod. 2025.30 – special type with timer and stop-lamp.