Seat mod. VARIO-KLAGENFURT in compliance with FIFA/UEFA’s recommendations suitable for a rapid change of the bleacher arrangement from standing places to seated places and vice-versa.
Supporting frame realized in 50x20x2 mm vertical uprights, hand-rail made of a horizontal tube diameter 50 mm built in such a manner to create a unique and solid barrier.
Warm-galvanized supporting frame .
Seat and back realized in electrolytic zinc-coated steel plate, painted with polyester powders.
Integrated device for a rapid seat pan locking in closed position not accessible to spectators but with a proper tool.
Numbering on the upper part of the backrest, always visible, even in case of seated spectators.
Option: micro-holed seat and backrest.
- height: about 130 cm.
- width: 50 cm.
- Closed seat depth: 5 cm.
- Open seat depth: 38 cm.